Hello World

So the year is 2017 and AI has already taken over the world… It controls the evolution of the human species and chooses the leader of the free world among others. No joke, I’m serious, think about it. An AI that builds our Tinder feed is basically deciding who we have our kids with and hence ultimately controlling the evolution of the human species. Another AI - Google, controls what information we see by controlling our search results and hence controls our opinions and knowledge about politics hence choosing the leader of the free world - POTUS. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Today in 2017, I can’t evening begin to list the things that an AI controls for me - it’s just everywhere.

Okay so I wandered off there, coming back to myself - Hi there! I am Utkarsh Bansal and I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. This, here is my first blog post. I never thought that I’ll setup a blog but here I am with Jekyll. Jekyll is, in my opinion quite cool. It got me blogging in no time and still gves me complete control over the blog. Best of all - its hosted on Github Pages and doesn’t need a database, so I don’t have to remember another password and I don’t need to manage another server.

Thats all for now, I’ll keep writing every now and then.