Hey there bots!

At this point of time, I’ve started to wonder if anyone even reads my blog. Am I just throwing stuff into a black hole?! Are you there? Are you human? There are a couple of bots that do visit my site every once in a while though. I think one of them is Google’s crawler. I wonder if someday, in the not so distant future, these bots will talk to me. They certainly know me well… Probably more than you know me!

Anyways, let’s talk code. I had evaluations last month. And I received some positive feedback from my mentors! Shift to pytest is almost done - only one class in the analysis module is left to be ported. I have also been working on refactoring the utils module to use pytest conventions and features - which brings us to Phase 2.

Basically, Phase 2 is all about refactoring the test suite to follow the pytest style of doing tests. It basically involves -

I also have a couple of PRs that were merged/are in progress over the last couple of days

That’s pretty much it. See ya later. Cheers!