About me

During the day, I’m pursuing my bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering. Down goes the sun, and I turn into an Python & iOS dev.

I fell in love with all the crazy stuff that can be done using code. I mean code is something that gives you immense power - power to make your presence felt - power to change the world. You could be sitting in one corner of the world with your computer and still make stuff that can impact the whole world.

Coming back to code, I tend to spend most of my time with Python, Django, Swift and related design patterns. In my free time, I tend to hangout on StackOverflow and contribute to Open Source projects. And when I’m not into tech, I like to listen to Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses and the likes.

To know more about me checkout my Github/StackOverflow profile. If you think, we have something in common, do ping me!